Become a Tour Guide


Art should be experienced through the exchange of inner dialogue with the subject as it energetically exists on this physical plane. So, with that being said, INI will not explain each travel brochure as that is your job.

Sip from the fountain of NIF and commune with your inner deity. But to lower the pretense a few decibels, let’s get you on the path.

  • Afrofuturism
  • Pyramidal Energy and Frequency
  • Sound Wave Levitation
  • Mask Transportation
  • Science of Numbers
  • Alternate Timelines

Travel with these Master Teachers through forgotten pathways to fantastic worlds.


Imagine yourself as a tour guide, leading a group of curious travelers through the captivating realm of Afrofuturism. As you traverse the pathways of this genre, you unlock doors to unexplored realms of possibility. Afrofuturism becomes your vessel, carrying you and your fellow adventurers to distant dimensions where the past, present, and future intertwine seamlessly. You guide your flock with knowledge and passion, revealing the transformative power of Afrofuturism in shaping narratives that challenge the limitations of our reality.

Pyramidal energy and frequency serve as beacons, guiding us toward new horizons. Like an prehistoric guide revealing the secrets of sound levitation, seers illuminate the connections between energy, frequency, and creative expression. As a tour guide, you invite your travelers to witness the sound waves raise multi-ton structures, transporting them to ethereal landscapes where music becomes a language of its own. In these spaces, frequency transcends the constraints of the physical, captivating all who dare to listen.

Master Teachers are not limited to the realm of the intangible. They have the power to manifest themselves in physical form, transcending traditional boundaries. As a global tour guide, you introduce your fellow explorers to the concept of mask transportation. Masks become vessels for the human spirit, allowing it to transcend cultural and societal barriers. You guide your travelers through the intricate craftsmanship of masks, unveiling the hidden stories and emotions that reside within each intricately carved piece. Through this exploration, you teach them that mask can be a conduit to parallel existences in the multiverse.

As you delve deeper, the science of numbers reveals itself as a powerful guide. Numbers are not merely symbols; they hold a profound significance. As a tour guide, you illuminate the numerical codes embedded within masterpieces, deciphering the hidden messages they convey. The Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio, and sacred geometries become your allies, unraveling the mathematical harmonies that underpin artistic beauty. You teach travelers to appreciate the precision and intentionality behind every stroke of the brush, chisel or mouse, fostering a deeper connection with every encounter.

Symbols allow us to explore not only the present but also alternate timelines. They become time machines, transporting us to alternate universes where reality bends and twists. As a tour guide, you invite your fellow adventurers to step into these sacred dimensions, witnessing the convergence of past, present, and future. Through surreal landscapes and dreamlike narratives, time becomes a portal to realms beyond our imagination. You guide your travelers to embrace the infinite possibilities that exist beyond the confines of linear existence, encouraging them to challenge their perception of reality.

So, embrace your role as a tour guide. Lead others through forgotten pathways to fantastic worlds. Encourage them to sip from the fountain of inspiration, to commune with their inner deities, and to engage in that sacred exchange of inner dialogue with the energy that surrounds them. Through your guidance, others will embark on their own transformative journeys, experiencing the magic of art and discovering the boundless depths of their own creativity.

Remember, the role of the tour guide is not to explain each travel brochure, but to ignite the spark of curiosity and wonder within the hearts of those who follow.