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Afrofuturism NIF GOD figure in 1250 jersey on Imigongo print background

7 Reasons Getting Fly Now Now Helps Us Live Better Forever Ever

It has been proposed that initiation into the Beautiful People Network is a wishing well that continuously tosses coins at the unsuspecting feet of the favored. Beauty, “the gift that keeps on giving”, has dutifully made wishes reality since time immemorial. The NIF GODS have the secret handshakes for your beautiful membership.

The influencers of today, the tastemakers of yore and the post-humans of worlds yet to come share a singular magnetism. Put simply, pretty folk GET MONEY! Luckily, the garment chiefs at Magnificent Crowns have mastered an alchemical process to turn athleisurewear into a wealth generating machine.

Let the elevator rise. I'll be done by the time we reach the COMMON LEOPARD floor.

Synchronicity would not have brought you to a burgeoning Black-owned streetwear brand that specializes in Afrocentric clothing if you weren’t undoubtedly beautiful material. We support your gorgeous identity!

We design those rugged, multicolored African print fabric classics and drippy black jackets splashed with bold geometric designs refined to make you iconic out here.

Our artwear is strategically designed with rich DTF print graphics on breathable fabric to magnify your natural beauty and keep you fresh as can be. Let the color block button-down shirts, preppy men’s jackets and colorful cotton hoodies turn your wardrobe into mixed-media frames for your eyes and cheekbones.

Your gorgeous flame will be stoked into a bonfire fueled by our elegantly edgy, efficiently engineered, eco-friendly ensembles.

As promised, 7 Reasons Getting Fly Now Now


The intoxication of visual stimuli increases the serotonin that enables a positive feeling before an interaction even begins. This positivity is the starting baseline that is held or elevated will solidify a good first impression.



The appearance of being well put together increases the confidence in your ability to master your surroundings without coercion or deception. It follows that if you can cultivate a level of beauty in your life, then why should you not be trusted to bring beauty to mine?



Humans are genetically disposed to build community as a survival mechanism. The need for suitable mates or able compatriots in advancing life goals have traditionally and subconsciously informed relationships that bring forth healthy offspring or strong colleagues to aid in survival quests.



Since we suspect that beauty is a societal asset, then being happier once beauty is achieved seems to be a foregone conclusion. The tangible and intangible gifts given to the beautiful should induce a higher level of joy.



Beauty tends to require a level of effort that is best achieved with work downtime and extra finances for beauty rituals such as frequent hair appointments, skin products, gym memberships and winning outfits. Those of lesser means aren’t assumed to have the carefree nature that wealth and prestige affords to enhance beauty to its fullest.



Related to higher status, the affluent are thought to be able to bankroll a better education and more life experiences compared to those of lower economic classes. Private schools, travel and a broadened cultural lens must lead to the cultivation of a higher intellect, right?


A great first impression from a smart, healthy, honest person from a great background that is happy with life is the type of person you want to keep around. Helping them keep the money and status that they are used to is the kindhearted choice. A good person would be obligated to add to the great life the beautiful are used to and deserve.


The 1250 COLLECTION conjures urban athluxury for worldwide Streetwear Aristocracy. Ready to turn that cart into a table full of cardboard boxes? Blend In or Stand Out…But you know how we do!

SUMMARY: Bespoke for the office, modern takes on traditional Ankara, multicolored windbreakers, African print jerseys, t-shirts with historical figures, Afrofuturistic sweatshirts, Roots dresses, colorful bags and shoes all bring your inner and outer beauty to life. MCCL has produced the 1250 COLLECTION with Afrocentric style aficionados in mind.

Get magnificent and see how you demand attention. People will approach you just to see you up close, and who knows what they may have to offer to your journey.

Beauty is as beauty does. So, do yourself a favor and let the NIF GODS get you in the Beauty Illuminati.

Afrofuturism NIF GOD figure in 1250 Sweatshirt on Imigongo print background in circle badge