The National Institutes of Health (NIH) agrees with Magnificent Crowns that staying fresh in them streets will help you live longer. So, in the service of prolonging the health and vitality of the global populace, the NIF GODS vow to do our civic duty to drape the world in Afrocentric apparel.

“Wide-ranging research,” writes federal health officials, “suggests that strong social ties are linked to a longer life.” A healthy social life may manifest itself as festivals or livestreams but will almost surely require clothing.

Dressing well has been documented to positively affect mental health. If you look good, then it’s a high probability that you will feel good. Spreading this supercharged joy to your entire social circle is the Humanist thing to do.

Let Magnificent Crowns share our expertise in curating a new, more confident You.

We are uniquely equipped and wholeheartedly accept the position as your streetwear authority. Now that we have arrived here together at this pivotal time, let’s take a few moments to remind you who you’re rocking with.

The hubris that makes us Magnificent was born on steamy Texas blocks and cultivated from Cairo to Mbarara. Our passion for wearable art was informed as teenage stylists that were seeking to bring our inner uniqueness to the outside for display.

Maturing in an age where Caribbean culture was taboo in most spaces, dreadlocks equaled outcast from all onlookers. Luckily, we the free and thoughtful embraced this label to become future trendsetters and style OGs. Buckwheat became Bob Marley, and the weirdos became NIF GODS.

From thrift store remixers to fledgling tailors, screen printers, to international designers employing master African tailors; our guiding mantra was always STYLE ON ‘EM (and we have). 

After years spent toiling in the corporate swamp and struggling in numerous entrepreneurial enterprises, finding our Afrofuturist community was a welcomed gift. Infusing our urban fashion sense with African symbology, traditional prints and prominent figures imbues Magnificent Crowns creations with the unified power of the collective “culture”.

We take pride in the hero’s journey that is our shared culture. New patterns of thought are elementally transferred into new patterns for thought.

Ancient Egypt produced the most formidable mathematical discoveries and the heaviest golden wrists and necks. We cosign both fully and equally.

For the fam in the back:

  1. Dressing well increases confidence.

  2. Confidence increases joy.

  3. Increased joy encourages social participation.

  4. A positive social life often benefits mental and physical health.

  5. We’re not only the designers, we’re also the clients.

Experience the life-affirming joy for yourself with collections that include eco-friendly, sustainable, and recycled materials. Help protect the planet for future globetrotters who will need to leave their own mark someday.

Layer up or mismatch patterns for an eye-catching splash that will keep all eyes fixed in your direction. You can’t be the center of attention until you rip open that freshly delivered box though.

Unbox and gaze into the mirror and repeat five times “Get Fresh, Stay Fresh, Live Long” and wait for magnificence to envelope your day.

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