Make a House a Home from Floor to Décor

MCCL is a new NIF GODS created space for showcasing African works curated by a diasporic team of artisans with the intention of beautifying interior spaces and affecting exterior surroundings. New relationships in Rwanda and the DRC made this alliance necessary at this time to bring the enduring prowess of local artisans to collectors worldwide.

In a world losing artistic expression and cultural distinctiveness, the collection appears as a prototypical refuge where the ancient and modern intermingle. This sacred space, crafted by the will of NIF GODS, is a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of African artisans throughout the diaspora. With an outpost magnificently situated amidst the flapping wings of the East African Phoenix, MCCL RW stands as a symbol of unity and collaboration.

Here, within the hallowed design halls, a collage of diverse cultures interweaves seamlessly. Artisans hailing from the southwestern region of the DRC and the lush Congo Basin converge to showcase their masterpieces. From the whispered traditions of the Bayaka to the resplendent heritage of the Bakuba, each piece tells a story of its own.

Within MCCL's curation, one can find an array of meticulously assembled and commissioned collections. Headdresses drenched in symbolism, masks veiled in mystery, textiles woven with ancestral insight, and sculptures saturated with the lifeblood of time. Metalwork shimmers with an ageless allure, while woodwork bears witness to the acumen of the masters at hand.

Amongst this patchwork of ancient tech, the spirits of Africa defy time to remain evergreen. As visitors wander through the virtual corridors, they are enveloped by the beauty and depth of African culture. From the intricate details of floor to the captivating allure of décor, each element invites exploration and appreciation.

MCCL is more than just a gallery; it is a sanctuary where lost art finds solace and hearts find a sense of belonging.