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Magnificent Crowns



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COMMON LEOPARD is an international luxury and lifestyle brand specializing in African Art, Antiquities and Handmade Apparel sourced and produced in East Africa. Each item is curated by our diasporic team of artisans with the intention of beautifying interior spaces and affecting exterior surroundings. Paintings, sculptures and clothing can be produced to specific orders or sourced from our ever-growing inventory. Ceremonial items are available to the most discerning collectors. When ennoblement is your goal, look no further than the Common Leopard Collection on



Igbo People of southwestern Nigeria



Handcrafted from hardwood and beads from West Africa on the Gulf of Guinea



35” x 19”



11 kg


Late 20th Century


The Igbo People of Nigeria (West Africa on the Gulf of Guinea). These Ceremonial masks are conceived for religious ceremonies, initiations, tribal dances and markers for local celebrations.



Our curated items are handmade by the listed peoples to the best of our knowledge. Often antiques may exhibit the effects of a long life in the habitat where they were created.  These “imperfections” that ensure authenticity may include signs of aging, enamel chipping, wood chipping, tarnished metal, crack lines and scratches due to general historical weathering. Please take this into consideration as images may not highlight the intricacies of the lives lived prior to your acquisition.


We house inventory in the United States and Rwanda (based on the stage of procurement) and shipping times may vary by location. We require 48 to 72 hours to process orders and securely package for shipping. Shipping will be made via FedEx Ground and the tracking number(s) will be provided. FedEx Express can be requested for an additional fee and the tracking number(s) will be provided. Our return policy is strictly 14 days from the time your order is confirmed as delivered. All returns must be paid by the customer regardless of the reason or cause. All returns must be in their original shipped condition to ensure product safety during transport.

If you experience any issues or problems with your order, please contact us directly for support. We are seeking loving homes for these timeless works of art and the satisfaction of all involved (from creator to customer) is paramount.


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